December Minutes

Goodar Township Meeting December 21, 2021 Minutes 7:30 pm
PLEDGE of Allegiance: Supervisor
Roll Call, Clerk: Tom Czerniak – Cindy Weingartz, Jay Baughman – Larry Mc Nenly -Rob View, absent – Resigned Public Comment: none,6 visitors
APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES: Motion by, McNenly Supported Baughman, all ayes, motion passed
VISITORS: County Commissioner, Ron Vaughn, No report
LIBRARY REPORT: Diane, Quillen -No Report
CLERKS REPORT: Larry Mc Nenly, Clerk gave report, IRS wants 90 days for 2nd 1/4 2021 941 inspection, furnace work done at Twp. report on Transfer site, need a rental agent possibly, Street lite malfunctions reported
TREASURERS REPORT: Given by Cindy Weingartz
Fire Report: given by Deputy Chief Steven Estes, On file NEW BUSINESS: Board discussed resignation letter submitted to Board, of Trustee and Fire chief Rob View. Motion made by Mcnenly and Supported by Baughman to accept, All Ayes. Meeting Dates for 2022 Resolution 12-21-2021motion by Baughman , Supported by Czerniak , Roll Call -McNenly , aye – Czerniak- aye, Weingartz-aye , Baughman-aye , motion passed 4-0. Resolution 12-16-21-1,request to Ogemaw Co. on 800 radios, Motion Made by Baughman , supported by Weingartz, Roll Call- McNenly – aye Weingartz -aye, Baughman-aye, Czerniak-aye , motion passed. Motion to accept 2022 Board of Review dates byMcNenly , supported by Baughman , all ayes , motion passed. McNenly made a motion to appoint Steve Estes as Goodar Twp. new Fire chief , Weingartz supported , all ayes ,motion passed. Chief Estes will appoint Charlie Finley as New Deputy Chief,
PUBLIC COMMENT: Charlie Finley gave supportive comments about new Chief. The Twp needs to appoint new Trustee
PAYMENT OF BILLS: Motion By McNenly supported by Baughman to pay bills, weingartz- McNenly – Czerniak- Baughman all ayes motion passed
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by McNenly supported Weingartz all ayes, meeting ended at 8:27 PM
Goodar Twp. Clerk – Larry Mc Nenly