November Meeting

Goodar Township Meeting November 16, 2021 – 7:30 PM
PLEDGE of Allegiance: Clerk, Larry McNenly
Roll Call, Clerk: Tom Czerniak Absent – Cindy Weingartz Absent – Rob View – Jay Baughman, – Larry Mc Nenly.
Public Comment:,Six visitors present. No comment ADDITION TO AGENDA: Paul Olsen of Par Plan to update board on Liability insurance APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES: Motion by View to accept, Regular minutes supported by Baughman, all ayes, motion passed
VISITORS: County Commissioner: Ron Vaughn, no report SEXTONS REPORT: CLERK OR SEXTON: Clerk reported no report
LIBRARY REPORT: Diane Quillen, Gave report
CLERKS REPORT: Larry Mc Nenly, Clerks office reported general work. Election was a success, IRS admitted one of their mistakes, want 60 days to examine other two.
TREASURERS REPORT: not given FIRE REPORT: Rob View, Gave report, on file with Clerk OLD BUSINESS: Tabled issues: SAD and Addition on going, no changes.
NEW BUSINESS: Paul Olsen gave report and presented Board with up coming cost. Public Comment: none
PAYMENT OF BILLS: Motion by Baughman Supported by Mc Nenly, Mcnenly -Yes, Baughman -Yes, View – Yes, motion passed
Adjournment: Motion by Baughman, Supported by McNenly Meeting adjourned At 8:06