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The hall will not be rented to minors or for profit making purposes, where a cover charge or entrance fee is charged. The Renter agrees to conduct his/her activities on Township property so as not to endanger any person or property. The Renter further agrees to indemnify and Hold Harmless the Township against any and all claims of injury to persons or property arising from the activities conducted during the rental period on Township property. The Renter is liable for all damages which occur while the hall is rented in his/her name. The Renter understands that, if damages exceed the amount of the deposit, he/she is liable for the additional expenses required to return the hall to its original condition. A copy of the Renters home owner’s insurance with a “Host Provision” that extends off their premises for the rental period MUST BE PROVIDED before the rental. No Smoking Allowed!!! Absolutely no staples, tacks or other metal fasteners shall be sed on the walls. Tape may be used but must be completely removed before you leave. Do not drag the tables and chairs on the floor. The kitchen and all appliances used must be cleaned. The floor must be swept. All trash shall be removed by the Renter. Please leave the hall as you found it. The rental fee and deposit must be paid in full before the use of the hall. Payment is made to Goodar Township. The deposit will be refunded if there is no damage and the hall is left clean. Goodar Township reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications.