Township Members & Minutes

Thomas Czerniak
Larry J Mc Nenly
Cynthia Weingartz
Rob VIew
Jay Baughman

Hall Rental: Dawn View 1-989-889-1081

Transfer Station Attendant: Katelynne Baughman

Assessor: Toni Brusch

Fire Department Chief:

Cemetery: Larry McNenly

Sexton: Merritt Blackmore

Electrical Inspector: Greg Colton

Soil: Greg Colton

Mechanical Inspector: Craig Hughey

Plumbing Inspector: Craig Hughey

District 3 Commissioner Ron Quackenbush 213 E. Sage Lake Road Rose City, MI 48654 989-685-2794
Mr. Quackenbush represents the townships of Rose, Goodar, Cumming and Hill, as well as, the City of Rose City.

Goodar township meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Township Hall