Interesting Notes

The farm now owned by Glen Taber was purchased from Sage Land Company by Charles Taber in 1886.  The only transfer of this property was from Charles to Glen his son on April 7, 1924.  This seems like quite an unusual fact that only one transfer had taken place in 74 years.

In the 1915 township election Sam A. Robinson and C. M. Stewart tied for the office of Supervisor.  They drew names from a hat to decide the election and Robinson drew the ticket marked “elected”.

The following resolution of the town ship board of December 17, 1889 demonstrated the lack of faith in banks of this period.  Quote:  “Moved and supported that a resolution made by the township board to authorize treasurer to make all deposits with Bay National Bank and in case such bank fails the treasurer be not held responsible if he has complied with this resolution.”

At a special meeting held August 28, 1926, the township board donated $50 to help maintain the railroad in the township.

A settlement for $700 was paid to Don Wakefield “for physical damages because of being thrown from a buggy because of obstruction in highway.” A petition from the voters was received by the board to make this settlement.  The money was borrowed and given to Wakefield in gold.

The board also voted to prosecute to the full extent of the law whoever left the log in the road that caused the damage.  However, the culprit was never apprehended.

Following this case there was quite a few damage suits started against the township but no other one ever received a settlement.  There was always some question as to the seriousness of Wakefield’s injury and probable cause.


Again this was written by Evelyn Berry in 1961.  This is used with her permission and the permission of the Rose City Area Historical Society.  The photographs are courtesy of Beulah Taber Huebner.