Township Treasurer’s Statutory Duties

  • Collects real and personal property taxes
  • Keeps an account of township receipts (revenues) and expenditures
  • Issues township checks
  • Deposits township revenues in approved depositories
  • Invests township funds in approved investment vehicles
  • Collects delinquent personal property tax
  • Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting property tax
  • Collects mobile home specific tax
  • Must appoint a deputy
  • Must post a surety bond


The summer tax deferment is a beneficial tax break for certain people over the age of  62. This provides those with a household income of not more than $25,000 for the preceding year the benefit of deferring summer property taxes until February 15 of the following year. The benefit of this procedure is that it usually gives sufficient time for state income tax refund checks to be received by the senior to be used to pay the summer property taxes. This is done by applying Now Accepting Payments On-Line
You can use this service to pay taxes, waste cards, sewer bills, and building (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, zoning) permits Please select the bill you would like to pay. NO ONLINE PAYMENTS FOR TAXES ACCEPTED AFTER FEBRUARY 20th



Ogemaw County Treasurer

Treasury Forms

Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes

Dog License Application

Dog License Information:
As required by the State of Michigan, all dogs must be licensed when they reach the age of 4 months.
The owner has 30 days to provide proof of rabies vaccination in order to purchase a current license.
Rabies vaccination must be given by a licensed veterinarian.
Purchasing a license more than 30 days after the rabies vaccination is considered late.

Standard Renewal and new license purchase Fees:
Renewals: November 1st thru February 28th, $10.00 for spayed or neutered, $15.00 male and female.
New dogs and puppies: $10.00 spayed and neutered, $15.00 male and female.

Renewal forms are mailed in November.

Late Fee:
All late licenses, $30.00.
All license are sold on an annual basis. Each year the license expires on December 31st.

Dog licenses can be purchased by mail. The following must be provided.
Owners name, address and phone number
Check or money order for correct amount, Payable to Ogemaw County
Copy of rabies certificate
Copy of spay /neuter certificate (if applicable)
Dogs Name, Breed ,Sex, Color & Age
Your new tag along with your rabies certificate will be mailed to you.