January Minutes

Goodar Township Meeting
January 18 2022 – 7:30 PM
PLEDGE of Allegiance: Supervisor Tom Czerniak
Roll Call, Clerk: Tom Czerniak – Cindy Weingartz – Rob View,( resigned) absent – Jay Baughman, – Larry Mc Nenly.
Public Comment:,9 visitors present. No comment
ADDITION TO AGENDA: 2022 Budget, Fire pay increase, APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES: Motion by McNenly to accept, Regular minutes after correction, Cindy not Tom was made supported by Baughman, all ayes, motion passed
VISITORS: County Commissioner: Ron Vaughn, Reports that Ogamaw Co. transit Budget approved . OR V officer being trained for certification,night patrol now in effect, County to hire new lawyer. Mike Bowers gave report on siren for fire department
SEXTONS REPORT: CLERK OR SEXTON: Clerk reported on Harrington burial
LIBRARY REPORT: Diane Quillen, Gave report
CLERKS REPORT: Larry Mc Nenly, Clerks office reported general work and update on twp sign, ARPA confirmed, Grabstanowicz to handle rental and, still waiting on W2s
TREASURERS REPORT Cindy Weingartz gave report FIRE REPORT: Chief Estes, Gave report, on file with Clerk OLD BUSINESS: Tabled issues: SAD and Addition on going, no changes.
NEW BUSINESS: Fire increase to be approved by Resolution after 2022 Budget is effect, Contract with Lupton Fire to be dissolved when it is up, due to negative issues with GTVFD by roll call vote 4-0, approved. Dick Gulvas was appointed by roll call vote to the vacant Trustee position left by View in December, Weingartz made the motion and Mcnenly supported Public comment: Shawn Petri , running for state representative, 88th district gave Qualifications
PAYMENT OF BILLS: Motion by Baughman Supported by Mc Nenly, motion passed
Adjournment: Motion by Weingartz, Supported by McNenly Meeting adjourned At 8;55