Minutes September

Goodar Township Meeting
September 18 Minutes 7:30 pm 2018
PLEDGE of Allegiance: Supervisor
Roll Call, Clerk: Tom Czerniak – Cindy Weingartz, – Rob View — Jay Baughman – Larry Mc Nenly, present. There were 11 guest present
Public Comment: Ellen Scott gave an explanation of why a 911 mileage will be on the November ballot was presented to all present at the meeting. ADDITION TO AGENDA: Claudia Miller from Schultze, Oswald, Miller and Edwards- 2018 Audit presentation. Resolution 2018-10-15, Transfer agent turnover. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES: Motion by, Rob View, supported by Jay Baughman, all ayes, motion passed.
VISITORS: Claudia Miller of Schulze, Oswald, Miller and Edward gave the board the results of the 2018 audit for Goodar Township. Commissioner Ron Quakenbush gave his report to include, the counties budget, need for correction officers in the county (part time), the transit situation in the county and other related issues.
SEXTONS REPORT: CLERK OR SEXTON: No burials in September
LIBRARY REPORT: Diane Quillen, August report was given.
CLERKS REPORT: Larry Mc Nenly, 2018 audit information worked on, did testing on line for QVF as well as was in Bay City for 1 day’s class. Will be at an elections meeting on September 25 at the county. Working on November election as well as 2 FOIA request, Motion to accept by Jay Baughman, Supported by View, All ayes, and motion passed
TREASURERS REPORT: Cindy Weingartz, Gave report. FIRE REPORT: CHIEF Rob View, gave a verbal report only, no fire calls this month. OLD BUSINESS: Web page is up and running
NEW BUSINESS: Resolution 2018-10-18 to accept current Transfer agents (Rodney Walker) resignation and to appoint a new Transfer agent (Katelynne Baughman) to the vacant position October 1. A rollcall vote was taken: Larry Mc Nenly, yes, Cindy Weingartz, yes, Tom Czerniak, yes, Jay Baughman, yes, Rob View, yes, All ayes, Resolution passed.
PAYMENT OF BILLS: Motion to pay the Bills by McNenly, supported by Baughman all ayes, motion passed.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Weingartz , supported by McNenly all ayes, motion passed, meeting was adjourned at 8:23 pm
Goodar Twp. Clerk – Larry Mc Nenly