Minutes November

Goodar Township Meeting
November 20, 2018 – 7:30 PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Supervisor
Roll Call: Present were Tom Czerniak, Cindy Weingartz, Rob View and Jay Baughman – Larry McNenly was absent and excused. There were also 3 guests present
Public Comment: John Ragan commented on the status of the AuSable Lake SAD saying that it should list the seven nonparticipating parcels, 40% of the lake is not SAD because it’s below water, it includes two canals, public money cannot be used on private land. He suggested that the board reject the SAD and let the homeowners currently treating weeds continue.
Additions to the Agenda: None
Approval of Previous Months Minutes: Motion by Rob, supported by Jay to approve the October 16, 2018 Minutes, all ayes, motion passed
Visitors: none
Sextons Report: given by Tom, 1 burial in October (Evelyn Berry)
Library Report: Diane Quillen
Clerks Report: given by Tom, election is over with 65% of Goodar Township voting, received a FOIA for John Ragan, Clerk returns Novemberr 28
Treasurers Report: finances looking good, Treasurer and Deputy attended an MTA seminar learning a lot, the Treasurers Report will soon have a new look without savings accounts
Fire Report: given by Chief Rob View, copy to be filed in Clerk’s office, only 1 child for Halloween which will cancel any further Halloween parties, trucks 3 and 4 are winterized in Paul Gs barn. The board backs Rob in NOT backing Oscoda Township and not responding to downed power lines, we will continue to respond.
Old Business: none
New Business: Rob discussed Resolution 2018-10-20 Let’s Be Seen, it includes some reflective vests and cone beacons. Motion by Tom Czerniak, supported by Jay Baughman to adopt this resolution with some clerical corrections. Ayes: Rob View, Jay Baughman, Tom Czerniak, Cindy Weingartz Nayes: none Absent: Larry McNenly The Resolution is adopted
Public Comment: none
Payment of Bills: Motion by Rob, supported by Jay to pay the bills 4/0
Adjournment: Motion by Cindy, supported by Jay to adjourn Meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM

Goodar Township Treasurer – Cindy Weingartz