June Minutes

Goodar Township Meeting June 15, 2021 Minutes 7:30 pm   

PLEDGE of Allegiance: Supervisor

Roll Call, Clerk: Tom Czerniak – Cindy Weingartz    – Rob View,  – Jay Baughman Absent  – Larry Mc Nenly.

Public Comment: Mike Sterges would like to know when Au sable Lk Drive will be graded so they know when to brine

AGENDA:   Painting of Transfer Site Sign as well as park hours on Twp. hall. 9 guest were present


APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES: Motion by View, Supported Weingartz, all ayes, motion passed

VISITORS: County Commissioner, Ron Vaughn, gave no report

SEXTONS REPORT: CLERK OR SEXTON,   Burial of Charles Wesknlies

LIBRARY REPORT: Diane, Quillen gave Report

CLERKS REPORT: Larry Mc Nenly, Clerk was on hand for Veterans day service at cemetery, dumpsters were ordered for cleanup days and arrived May 23

TREASURERS REPORT: Given by Cindy Weingartz    

Fire Report: given by Rob View, On file                                                                                                                                  NEW BUSINESS: Debbie Hollis will paint signs at Transfer Site an Hall bldg. at no cost to Twp. with the material being donated for job by Ken Kardell. Czerniak will call Road Commission about grading Au sable Lk Drive. McNenly will check on “no alcohol on play ground ” being posted

PUBLIC COMMENT: Charlie Findley, Appreciate response time to Goodar fire and rescue on M-65 accident

PAYMENT OF BILLS:  Motion By View supported by by Czerniak to pay bills, all ayes motion passed

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Weingartz, supported by View, all ayes, meeting ended at 8:02 PM

Goodar Twp. Clerk – Larry Mc Nenly